Monthly Archives: June 2016

Destroy your hard drive without leaving the office.

Information is a vital resource, it’s the currency in which businesses run. In today’s environment information is stored on computers and if you’re a company than that means all of your material is sitting in one place, the computer’s hard disk drive. This information can be anything from personnel files to the company’s account information […]

Don’t be fooled by hard disk erasers

In the world of data security, there are many options for handling, and eventually, disposing properly of one’s sensitive information. At first glance, with so many options, making a decision may seem overwhelming, or inconsequential. After all, information deleted is as good as information destroyed, right? Wrong. Many hard disk erasers claim to delete information […]

A Solid Case for Solid-State Data Destruction

When it comes to data storage, solid-state drive technology is among the oldest and traces its roots back to the early 1950s, PCMag reported. For decades, however, it remained on the fringes of data storage, occasionally finding a home in niche industrial companies or military installations, but generally did little but wait for the advances that would bring its huge […]