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Protect Sensitive Information With A Blu Ray Crusher from Phiston

As technology designed for recording and storing information continues to evolve, so too must the security measures designed to protect that information.  Blu ray discs are no exception; given their ample capacity to store over 100 GB of data, it is important to ensure such contents are carefully protected at all stages of use. Secure […]

4 Higher Education Departments That Can Benefit From Data Crusher

Anyone who works in a higher education institution knows just how much sensitive information is stored in various databases and departments. Confidentiality is key for many individual divisions, which is why the below 4 higher education departments can especially benefit from data crushers. 1) The Admissions Office Most college applications include a variety of personal […]

Erasers vs Crushers: Is there a difference?

Most people will agree that protecting sensitive information is of paramount importance; this includes ensuring the proper disposal of outdated, damaged, or unnecessary storage media. There are many options available to those who wish to dispose of outdated storage media, but not all solutions to this problem are created equal. Hard Drive Degaussers: A hard […]