Monthly Archives: April 2016

Walking the Line Between Reusing and Destroying Your Hardrive

As a decision maker within your business, you want to preserve and save resources. So when you come across a hard drive that no one seems to be using, it’s perfectly reasonable to assume that you can simply reuse it for you or another employee within your business. But in fact, doing so can be […]

Media Destruction: Don’t Let Leaks Happen to You

As the world evolves to become more and more media-centered and dependent, we have several more files on our multiple different devices that we may deem sensitive. Having a plan for media destruction is a must in these cases. Sometimes, keeping those sensitive files is a good idea (especially if they still serve a purpose to a […]

Ensure Data Security and Save Money With an In-House Hard Disk Drive Destroyer

Most companies take encompassing measures to ensure data security within their computing systems, but what are they doing with the hardware when disposing it? Having another company destroy and dispose of this hardware involves risk in itself, not to mention the escalating cost and logistical headaches. Companies who have an internal capability for the destruction […]

Get Rid of Data With a Blu-Ray Disintegrator

Any business or individual that has sensitive material that could be damaging if it got into the wrong hands needs to have a safe, easy, and reliable way of disposing of that material. With the technological advancements that mankind has experienced over the past decade, some of the methods for storing media — as well […]