Monthly Archives: March 2016

4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Hard Drive Crusher

Data breaches are not only inconvenient, they can be dangerous and crippling to your business. But just how do you avoid them? One way is to train your employees about the sensitivity of data. But often, that is not enough; human nature and human error can combine to increase your business risk, which is why […]

Choosing a Reputable Hard Drive Destroyer Essential for Data Security

Could your business survive a $3.8 million loss? According to recent study by IBM and the Ponemon Institute, that’s the average cost of a data breach for a business. This breaks down to $154 for each stolen client record containing sensitive, confidential information, such as social security numbers. Your business may be able to recover […]

Cloud Computing and the Need for Hard Drive Destruction

The explosive growth of cloud computing has brought with it a lot of benefits for business of all sizes. Consolidation, cost-effectiveness, and remote access are just a few of the reasons for cloud computing’s exponential growth. However, new technology often means new security threats. Security in cloud computing has been a popular topic in the […]

The Importance of a Hard Drive Crusher During Employee Turnover

If you run a business in which your employees spend time on computers, chances are they will sooner or later come across sensitive and confidential data. Most likely, they will touch that data on a regular basis to help in your business operations. But what happens when those employees leave, perhaps even to take a job […]

The Dangers of Hard Drive Erasers

Many individuals and companies are put in the position of wanting to fully destroy the information on their hard drives, but also wanting to keep the hardware for re-use. In order to do this, people often employ the use of a hard drive eraser. Unfortunately, not only are many of these tools incredibly ineffective, but even the best […]