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A Hard Drive Crusher is the Best Way to Prevent Illegal Information Theft

Theft of information is one of the hardest-hitting and fastest growing illegal occupations in the 21st century and just about any kind of information that can be gleaned from seemingly innocuous sources can be used to steal your identity by those determined to do so.  If something as basic as social media or even as […]

Your need for a hard drive destroyer

Do you operate a business that works with sensitive information? For example, a bank or government contractor? You know that you need to keep all kinds of information secure from prying eyes in order to maintain the confidentiality of your clients and customers. But what happens when the computer you use to store all the […]

Why You Should Choose a Company Certified in Hard Drive Destruction

There comes a time in every business when destruction of hard drives in old equipment takes place due to being obsolete or to make room for new equipment. The U.S. Department of Defense’s National Security Agency (NSA) developed standards that government and private entities alike must follow to protect sensitive information from data security breaches. […]

Data Security: Stay Compliant and Dispose of Used IT Equipment Correctly

All businesses should practice extreme caution when disposing of any IT equipment containing sensitive data. Hard drives found intact in open markets around the world are becoming the norm as they are available on various auction sites. Contrary to what most people think, simply deleting files or reformatting a hard drive does not remove all […]