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Crushing Old Data and Ensuring Solid State Data Destruction

Near the top of any company’s agenda should be the protection of its data. What do you do when it’s time to replace an old, perhaps non-functional, hard-drive? Recycling programs will take them, but can you be certain that the data is secure? Once it leaves your hands, it’s anybody’s guess—even if it’s not the fault of the recycling company. […]

Hard Drive Destroyer or Hard Drive Degausser: Which Should I Choose?

Companies and businesses of all sizes keep confidential and important data on their computer hard drives. When this data is no longer needed, the company will have to properly destroy it so the information doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. This is especially important if the data contains sensitivity information, such as financial records […]

Consider Creating a Data Destruction Policy for Improved Data Security

Data security is priority number one for business owners. Data breaches occur now more than ever either by accident or by a malicious hacker. It is important to take the steps necessary to create a data destruction policy. Having a reliable policy in place can help limit the damage caused should a data breach occur. You […]

The importance of having a hard drive crusher

Today’s business owners understand the importance of shredding old data to prevent it from getting in the wrong hands…which is why CD’s, flash/USB drives, and other removable media is often crushed at appropriate intervals. But did you know that it’s just as imperative to have a hard drive crusher as well? Here’s a list of […]

Three Hard Drive Destruction Myths

There are a few common myths surrounding the topic of hard drive destruction. Many people still believe that destruction methods such as using magnets, formatting, and recycling hard drives will be enough to destroy data. However, these methods could still leave your business data at risk. Learn more about these myths below. Myth #1: Magnets Many […]