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Use a Hard Drive Crusher Before You Recycle

If you’re like many business owners, you want to reduce your business’ carbon footprint.: You recycle papers and plastics, Your office is going paperless, You give staff time off to volunteer, You use energy-efficient lighting and appliances, You patronize local, sustainable businesses when you can, for catering, service work and resources, etc. You realize that […]

Smart Business Investments: Data Security and Data Destruction

Investing in top-notch data security is very important to the future operation of any business, large or small. Established business as well as small startups should have plans for securing data and properly destroying devices that hold sensitive and confidential information. A data security failure can very well lead to a complete destruction of a business. An […]

Complete security with hard drive destroyer

Imagine dropping a mirror from 10 feet off the ground and then trying to piece that mirror back together. It’s impossible. That’s the same kind of destruction offered by Phiston’s hard drive destroyer. It literally renders a hard drive into tiny slivers and fragments than cannot be pieced back together. Twenty tons of pressure reduce the magnetic […]

Hard drive crusher is ultimate security measure

Lots of companies promise that poking a hole through the hard drive is enough to prevent data theft. It’s not. “In between each and every hole on every platter will be a lot of data: your data, your company’s data — or potentially more problematic — your customers’ details, which you were trusted with on […]

The New MediaVise Rackmount Hard Drive Destroyer

In today’s world, data security is a critical part of every business. But, when people think about data security what comes to mind first is the integrity of data on active servers: someone hacking into a website and stealing data from an on-line source. Equally important though, is what happens to the hard drive data […]