Monthly Archives: June 2015

A Hard Disk Crusher is the Answer to Your Disposal Needs

Scan the pages of online auction sites.  Within them you will find second-hand disk drives for sale, many still containing personal information.  Just in February of this year, the Indiana State Medical Association had two backup hard disk drives stolen while being transported to an off-site storage location.  This resulted in over 39,000 patients having […]

A new weapon in Data Center Security

Complete destruction of a hard drive is more than just punching a few holes in the drive and disk. This kind of damage destroys only a fraction of the disk. The vast majority of the drive remains readable to someone with time and the ability to run a physically broken drive. It’s not hard to […]

Finally! There is a rackmount solution for hard drive destruction

The newest innovation from Phiston Technologies has arrived.  There is now a solution to thoroughly address security concerns over outsourcing your data center’s hard drive destruction. The MediaVise Rackmount HDD Destroyer is the first of its kind to provide secure in-house hard drive destruction to NSA and RCMP standards in a rackmount form. With 20 tons […]