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Using a Hard Disk Eraser to Decrease Your Data Risk

Many people think that throwing away their old media and computers is enough to protect their data from being confiscated and used by third parties. But a hard disk eraser and other data destruction methods are really the only sure way to do it. Hard disk drive technology A hard disk drive соntаіns а number оf concentric […]

Degaussing, Crushing, And Erasing; A Look At Three Data Destruction Methods

Today, there are many reasons a company may want a hard drive or other data containment device destroyed, and even more ways to go about the task. In this article, we will look at three of the most common; degaussing, crushing, and erasing. A company may require data and media destruction services for a variety […]

Why Hasn’t Someone Made a Rack Mountable Hard Disk Crusher?

“I am thankful the most important key in history was invented. It’s not the key to your house, your car, your boat, your safety deposit box, your bike lock or your private community. It’s the key to order, sanity, and peace of mind. The key is ‘Delete.’”                                  […]

Hard Disk Crusher for Sensitive Data

Data security is becoming increasingly important as both an issue of business control and of civil liberties.  Customers want to know that their data is protected and citizens want to be sure that their data is not provided to the government or inappropriate businesses without their knowledge.  For this reason, companies that hold data on […]