Monthly Archives: March 2015

Protect Your Business with a Hard Disk Eraser

Your business hard disks contain megabytes of vital information that can’t fall into the wrong hands. This is even true of your old hard disks, making disposing of them difficult. Protect your business security with the ultimate hard disk eraser: a crusher. Hard disk crushers completely destroy a hard disk and make it virtually impossible […]

Collaboration – The Enemy of Data Security

Cloud computing has entered the cross-hairs of experts longing for data security. A seemingly continuous stream of data breaches all link back to cloud computing, validating the concerns. But according to the Harvard Business Review, it may be time to look beyond cloud computing for the real threat to data security: collaboration. A culture of collaboration is […]

Discover a new solution for data security

Discover a new solution for data security Data security remains a problem for business, and there are plenty of old ways for dealing with it. Of course, those ways may not work so well, for if they did, wouldn’t the problem be solved? Instead, here are some simple solutions for that problem. Forethought Businesses both […]