Monthly Archives: February 2015

Data security: Destroy your old gadgets and save yourself the worry

You have probably heard a lot about data security these days. Much of the news reports have been focused on hacking incidents. However, data security is a larger problem than a hacker getting your information from a website. Information can also be taken from your old computers, cell phones, DVDs, and other media. Consider these […]

Satisfy the NSA with our Hard Drive Crusher

Did you know that the National Security Agency (NSA) has specific standards and guidelines on data destruction? Most businesses don’t, but that doesn’t make it untrue. You can find the standards on the NSA’s official website here. They are only binding for government agencies and contractors, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention. The […]

Another Data Security Breach Teaches Valuable Lessons

Hackers and their growing potential power over your data are the talk of the town in early 2015. After the infamous Sony and celebrity hacks last year, not to mention the declaration of war against jihadists by the international hacker network Anonymous, hackers seem to be gaining political and corporate power rapidly. But data security is about […]

‘Undeletion’ Methods Of Data Retrieval Highlight The Importance Of Total Hard Drive Crushing

Identity theft is predicted to ‘skyrocket’ this coming new year. Are you prepared? Remember that old thumb drive you sold/gave to a friend? You deleted everything off of it, right? Unfortunately, simple deletion doesn’t totally remove the information, it really just hides it. When you delete a file, it’s not completely ‘gone’ until that same […]

Recent Hacks Emphasize Importance of Hard Disk Crusher

Hacking has to be one of the most infamous words of 2014. Seemingly no big name was safe. Just a few of the incidents this past year included: Apple’s iCloud cloud computing system being hacked, resulting in the leaks of inappropriate imagery from multiple celebrities. Several large merchants, from Target to Kmart, finding customer credit card […]