Monthly Archives: January 2015

How Having a Blu Ray Crusher Can Benefit You

These days, data collected by banks, governments and many organizations can be stored on several different kinds of media devices. Blu ray, an extremely popular disc format, currently supports about 200 companies who are world leaders in multimedia, consumer electronics and personal computers. Because it can be used for both re-writeable as well asWORM (write once, read many times) data, it is becoming a […]

Does a Hard Drive Eraser Really Eradicate the Data?

Your business likely has plenty of security in place to prevent hackers from getting into your network and stealing private information like credit card numbers. After all, whenever a business fails at this, it’s soon all over the news. This prompts most to quickly implement more security measures to make sure it doesn’t happen at […]

Is Your Media Destruction Plan First-Rate or Merely Mediocre?

It’s no secret that in business and government, it’s important to have a backup plan. This is especially the case when it comes to data security and media destruction. The proof is in the headlines, which are often rife with stories about successful and not-so-successful data breaches. On the list of recent headline makers in […]

Media destruction: Is your company in compliance?

When it comes to secure media destruction, is your company in compliance with federal regulations? Here is some information, in case you’re not sure. * There are a number of governing rules regarding the secure custodianship and destruction of data stored on portable media devices. Some of those rules include those of the Federal Acquisition […]