Monthly Archives: October 2014

MediaVise: one of the data crushers offered by Phiston

As you know, unsecured data on old hard drives and other electronic data storage devices that have been sent for disposal or recycling without being completely erased can lead to piracy and identity theft. According to a February posting from Green Business Matters, many electronic disposal companies ship electronic waste to third world countries such as Ghana, […]

You Have a Data Security Plan, Now What?

Statistics show that data security is a number one priority for small and large businesses alike. This means that along with ensuring current data is safe, you also need to develop a plan for safe destruction of old or unused devices. This task can get a bit confusing as your destruction plan must be follow the guidelines […]

Media Destruction: Is Your Hard Drive Really Erased?

Though you may be vigilant in erasing sensitive information from your hard drive, have you ever wondered if all the information is really erased? Just one misstep in the process can render your sensitive information accessible to prying eyes. The truth is, the only way to make sure your company and customer data is safe is to […]