Monthly Archives: June 2014

Why Companies Must Take Data Security Seriously

Businesses that experience a security breach must go through an extensive and expensive recovery process. It is better for companies to prevent a security breach from happening in the first place. Knowing the consequences that security breaches can cause may entice businesses to think differently. In an article by Inside Counsel, Ed Silverstein discusses how data […]

Why Hard Drive and Media Device Overwriting Isn’t Enough for Proper Data Security

Contrary to what some may believe, data security is reliant on a layered, comprehensive approach. Careful planning and execution of data security policies is essential to the safe and successful protection of business and customer data. For many, data security for media storage devices and hard drives is as simple as an overwrite. Unfortunately, this type of […]

HIPAA, Media Destruction, and Your Business

Many people think that the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, or HIPAA, only counts for people in the health care line, such as doctors, dentists, hospitals, or health insurance companies. While it is true that HIPAA directly affect the way that they deal with the protection of information, it can actually affect […]

Made the Switch From Outdated XP Equipment? Time for XP Device Hard Drive & Media Destruction

As you may have already heard, this April Microsoft will no longer be sending out updates for their XP operating system. This means that network support and security updates will no longer be available for equipment using XP OS. In many cases, purchasing new equipment has far outweighed the cost of installing newer operating systems; […]