Monthly Archives: March 2014

Media Destruction Requires More than Magnets

A 2012 episode of the popular series Breaking Bad displayed one questionable feat of technological prowess on the part of the high school science teacher-turned-meth-dealer, who had an urgent personal interest in assuring media destruction on an incriminating laptop hard drive. The character Walter White used a super magnet in a junkyard to erase a notebook hard drive inside […]

How Does a Hard Drive Crusher Make a Private Cloud More Feasible?

Although public cloud services remain popular among many businesses, companies with large processing needs find that they need to bring their cloud computing capabilities in-house. Although private clouds can solve some of the expense problems caused by subscribing to public cloud services, they also come with problems of their own. One of these is security […]

Data Crushers Put the Finishing Touch on a Good Data Management Strategy

Many companies practice asset management as a way to get the most out of their investments in buildings, machinery, vehicles, and storage facilities. If your company counts data among its most valuable assets, then you should consider how asset management strategies apply to your data assets. Practices like tracking costs and returns over the entire […]

Hard Disk Eraser? No Way.

For many businesses data is just as valuable as the products and services they sell. In an effort to properly secure and dispose of sensitive information, data destruction has become a part of ensuring customers and clients that their private data remains safe. Many companies feel confident using a hard disk eraser to wipe hard drives, but […]