How NOT to Destroy a Hard Disk Drive

Techno-thrillers can teach you all about how to destroy the data on a hard drive. Unfortunately, most of the ways you’ll learn are unsafe, ineffective, or both. To get rid of truly sensitive data, you should use equipment that will safely reduce the drive to little fragments. Providing that equipment is what we do at Phiston. Compare that with the advice you get from well-meaning friends or in novels and movies:

  • Delete sensitive files. That’s barely better than doing nothing. The content of the files is still there; it’s just the index in the file system which is gone. It’s hardly any trouble to recover recently deleted files.
  • Format” the drive. The term is a carryover from primitive hard drives which contained sector markers. It doesn’t wipe out data, it just resets information about where the data is. An expert who’s determined to pull information out of the drive will face just a slight delay.
  • Smash it with a hammer. That’s not very safe. Fragments could go flying in your face. It won’t do a very good job, either. The bits are still mostly there, even if the platter is warped and scratched.
  • Run a magnet over it. The typical magnet isn’t nearly strong enough to wipe the data from a drive, even if you run it directly over the exposed platter. A powerful degausser, properly applied, can do a decent job, but don’t count on one from a consumer electronics store. The kind of degausser you need has its risks. Make sure no one with a pacemaker and no valuable magnetic media are anywhere near when you use it.

When you’re getting rid of drives that contain highly sensitive data, don’t get your advice from the movies. The surest way to make a hard drive unreadable is to reduce the platters to a pile of shredded debris. Phiston’s drive shredders let you do this safely and efficiently, so you comply with the strictest security standards. Contact us to find the data destruction solution that works best for your organization.

Improve Your Cyber Security: Hard Drive Destroyer To Help Your Business Avoid E-Waste Hell

A recent Dateline series discussed the burden of e-waste in Ghana, but the threat this poses to your business makes this documentary relevant to your business. There are literally thousands of computers being dumped in Ghana each day. What’s worst is Ghana residents are using data recovery tools to pillage sensitive information off of the hard drive of these computers threatening the cyber security of millions of businesses and personal PC owners in the United States. Even though the Department of Sustainability has enacted strict policies that prohibit the dumping and shipping of e-waste to Ghana, the trade is still functional under the guise that the outdated technology is secondhand goods. How can your business avoid contributing e-waste hell? 

How To Avoid E-Waste Hell With Hard Disk Destruction 

According to the online website, “for IT asset disposition, this entails being able to document the disposition and data erasure/destruction status of all of your equipment, generally by serial number, with all the regulations requirements.” To this end, to avoid millions of dollars in fines, legal fees, cyber security scrutiny, bad publicity, and a data breach, the proper hard disk destruction is essential for your business.  What’s worse is, e-waste has left thousands of hard drives exposed to the residents of Ghana. Dateline reported, “there are thousands of U.S. hard drives on every corner in Ghana.” When you’re looking for an adequate hard drive destroyer

  • choose a certified hard drive destroyer (the company you choose should be certified in data sanitation) 
  • qualified high standards (every disposition is documented to protect your business) 
  • cyber security insurance (insurance covers errors, omissions (E&O), environmental, and data breach incidents) 

Phiston Technologies: An E-Waste Hell Savior 

Don’t let the company information that your business is entrusted with end up in an illegal landfill subjected to individuals with data recovery tools. Phiston Technologies has the only hassle free automated hard drive data destroyer’s that your business will ever need. We partner with our clients to ensure their information is never retrievable again. We’re proudly registered and certified in the state of Florida with over 20 years of experience in secure data destruction. We meet regulatory requirements while paying close attention to workplace and operator health and safety. If you’re looking for professional hard disk destruction, contact us at Phiston Technologies for more details today. 

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Why Media Destruction Is the Only Way to Safeguard Your Data

You know how important your data is to your business. You educate your employees on how important it is to keep confidential information within your organization. You implement security measures to keep your systems secure. But the very thing that makes working with information necessary is also what makes it most vulnerable: your data storage media.

Risks of Data Breaches

When you sell or donate your old computers, you might think you’ve gotten rid of any sensitive data by erasing the hard drives. You couldn’t be more wrong.

People who would want to steal your data know this. They trawl dumpsters, flea markets, and online auction sites looking for discarded drives to harvest data that you thought was inaccessible.

The result is potentially stolen user data, stolen financial records, and possible criminal liabilities under regulations like HIPAA. It seems that there’s always news of some major data breach.

It’s not just hard drives. Old backup media like tapes or CDs can also be found and the data leaked.

Why Deleting Doesn’t Get Rid of Data

When you delete a file on your computer, nothing is physically removed on the hard drive. The operating system simply marks the space on the drive as available for overwriting. While you might not be able to access the data in a particular spot, it may still be there.

The operating system tries to arrange files efficiently, so the next time the drive writes to the disk, it might not use the spot where the data was deleted.

Make Sure Data Is Gone By Destroying It

Since “deleted” data is still there, how can you be sure that your data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands when you get rid of old equipment? The only way to be sure is to physically destroy the drive itself.

It might sound drastic, but the risks of data breaches is much greater.

If you’re looking for a way to destroy sensitive media, please get in touch with us.

Why Data Crushing Is A “Smart” Investment

Your digital data is there to work for you in so many ways, but can also work against you if it’s not disposed of properly. When given the opportunity data thieves will prey on your personal or business data. In fact, data theft is a global threat. There’s no way of protecting your sensitive data without a permanent destruction solution. Unauthorized users (i.e. hackers) are experienced with unexpected avenues to retrieve your personal or business data. According to Forbes online, “43 percent of small businesses are under the threat of a cyber attack.” 

Why Your Business Should Invest In Data Crushing 

The Federal Trade Commission’s Disposal Rule requires the proper disposal of sensitive information in consumer reports, medical records, and more. In order for your business to be compliant with these laws, data crushing is a great investment. What is data crushing? Phiston Technologies insists “data crushing is likely the most straightforward form of data destruction.” It’s the absolute destruction of your data by crushing or shedding of your data. The advantage is that your business data is completely mangled and can never be recovered by data thieves. Your business can’t afford the liability of company data reaching the wrong hands. Avoid a costly company data breach by utilizing data crushing technology resources. 

Who To Call To Crush Your Fears Of A Cyber Attack 

When a data breach is at hand, Phiston Technologies is your one-stop-shop for cyber security. We’re a leading Miami provider of media destruction. Your data security is our top priority at Phiston Technologies. Our innovative technology like the MediaVise is portable and easy to operate. However, we also offer products that properly disposes your hard disk, SSD, PC, and more. We’re also proud to be an on-site destruction resource. Our elite clientele includes: 

  • Fortune 500 Companies 
  • Law Enforcement 
  • Social Media 
  • Finance 
  • Military 

and more…

We guarantee the hassle-free permanent destruction of your sensitive data. If you’re interested in investing in data destruction according to regulatory standards, you’re invited to contact us at Phiston Technologies. We’re here to crush your doubts about data security. 

Why Hard Disk Erasure Is Relevant To Your Personal Or Business Data

Today’s culture is connected by and through technology. For many business owners and personal PC users, there’s some form of “uncertainty” that comes with using any type of electronic device that stores data. Why? The answer is, unused data, outdated electronic devices, and non-functional devices are a treasure chest for hackers. Unauthorized users are always looking for an entryway or backdoor to your personal or business data. For example, a person may unknowingly throw a way a PC that’s no longer working. When in fact, another man’s trash becomes another man’s treasure. 

The Benefits Of Hard Disk Erasure 

Hard disk erasure is important because simply deleting or removing aspects of your hard drive is not enough. Completely erasing or deleting your hard disk is the only way to ensure your data security. Experienced hackers will use the least likely places on your hard disk to retrieve your personal or business data. That leaves you exposed to a data breach that can cost you money or jeopardize your business operations. Ironically, software erasure only leaves users with 75% certainty that their data is permanently erased. However, the professionals at Phiston Technologies offers an automated crushing system that guarantees your business or personal data will never land in the hands of unauthorized users. 

Who To Choose To Erase Your Cyber Security Doubts 

The professionals at Phiston Technologies understand the importance of cyber security. Our innovative technology including the MediaVise has the capabilities of mangling, crushing, and completely destroying your hard disk. Our technology is there to protect our valuable personal and business customers from a digital attack. Phiston Technologies is dedicated to protecting your network, devices, programs, and data from unauthorized users. Based in Miami, we entertain a nationwide audience. If you’re a business, you’re subjected to privacy laws that mandate the proper destruction of your data and we’re there to help! Phiston Technologies is verified by the US Federal Government’s System For Award Management (SAM). Our data destruction equipment is portable and easy to operate. Don’t jeopardize your data security. You’re encouraged to contact us at Phiston Technologies to discuss more details about your personal or business data security. As we continue to develop creative technology to protect your digital privacy, we welcome you to become a part of our team. 

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