Data Security: Secure Data Disposal

Computers, hard drives, and other equipment that have been used heavily in a protected and confidential environment will eventually have to be removed responsibility at some point. Even if you have plans to transfer the data on the equipment from one device to another or place it on a storage device, those drives will need to be destroyed at some point.

It is important that the data that was stored on the drives will be inaccessible on a permanent basis. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the best method to make data inaccessible. Many people assume that deleting data or transferring data is the best way to remove it from a drive or other device, but this is not the case. 

Even if you believe the data that is still stored on the hard drives and devices is no longer important because it is obsolete or other reasons, it can still be viewed as valuable for hackers and individuals who are part of the black market. Whatever the reasons for needing to get rid of data and dispose of the hard drives, your business or organization will be at risk for the leakage of data.

There is always a chance that data can be found and reconstructed. What will happen to your business or organization if data leakage occurs? You can expect to be hit with a variety of fines and other consequences. Unfortunately, you may lose a significant amount of money and your business or organization’s reputation can take a huge hit.

There are various preferred methods that can be used to completely destroy highly sensitive and confidential data, including using hard drive destruction equipment. At Phiston Technologies, we understand the importance of secure data disposal and this is why we offer high-quality data destruction equipment. Contact us today for information on how you can dispose of your data in a secure and effective manner. 

Sufficient Destruction of Computer Storage Media

Stealing private computer data which is stored on various types of media, used by various kinds of businesses, has become a favorite pastime for highly intelligent thieves called computer hackers. They are typically born computer-savvy and it, therefore, requires no special stretch of knowledge in order for this elite breed of computer users to get what they want, which is why precautions must be taken when disposing of computer storage media. Typically, if a data storage device such as a thumb drive, hard drive, or CD stop working, the owners will either outright throw them in the trash or, to a certain degree, destroy them. However, the common methods used by uninformed people to destroy storage media are inefficient and lead to increased risk of data exposure. For example, scratching CDs or DVDs have proven to be inefficient for rendering the data therein unreadable — there are professional services and DIY methods that can be used to restore scratched optical media, in some cases. There are alleged DIY methods for destroying flash drives and traditional hard drives as well, but in general, trusting the security of private, highly-sensitive data to do-it-yourself tutorials on the internet is a gamble.

Data breach statistics of the past couple of decades hint to the increasing value of stolen data. Whether using stolen data for identity theft, financial theft, political gain, or outright for thrill-seeking, data theft is here to stay and, therefore, professional methods should be used in the destruction of sensitive computer data stored on removable media. Services are also available whether individuals or businesses have data destruction needs and should be sought if more appropriate than purchasing media destruction equipment. When utilizing computers to run a successful business, part of the game is data security in which the importance thereof which should not be underestimated. 

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You Will Not Leave Anything Behind With Hard Drive Destruction Equipment

How many old or unused desktop computers do you have sitting in a storage closet in the workplace? How many laptops in the workplace are no longer being used because they are outdated and not functioning properly? Although the desktop computers and laptops are not currently being used in the workplace, the equipment is still filled with thousands of files. 

Workplace computer hard drives can be filled with a variety of confidential and sensitive information, such as credit card information, banking information, passwords, employee documentation, patient data, and many more. Even if the data on the hard drive has been deleted and the hard drive has been reformatted in an attempt to remove the data, the data can still be accessible.

When you remove digital files and documents from a computer, the information will not automatically disappear. The information will still be on the hard drive. Also, the e-mail messages, browser activity, and other online activity will also remain on the hard drive even after you have deleted them.

While many people will be unable to recover the data on the reformatted hard drive, someone who is determined to recover the information will be able to recover everything that you would not want someone to recover. Hackers have the techniques and resources to recover sensitive and confidential information, and this is why it is important to take the steps to protect your business, your employees, and your customers by properly destroying the hard drives. 

When a hard drive is to be destroyed, the process should go beyond removing files and using a hammer to destroy the drive. In order to properly destroy a hard drive and get rid of sensitive data for good, your business needs to use a process that will ensure data security and compliance. With the right data destruction equipment, you can meet industry standards and regulations. At Phiston Technologies, we ensure our clients that our hard drive destruction equipment will allow you to avoid any risks as you get rid of your old equipment and make the necessary upgrades.

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Hard Drive Destroyer: Complying with Regulations

This year, you may make plans to migrate your systems and get new computers and other equipment for your workplace. Before you can bring new equipment into the workplace, you will need to get rid of the old equipment. Before you bring in new equipment and get rid of old equipment, it is important to remember that your company will have to comply with a variety of regulations and guidelines.

GDPR regulations and other compliance regulations can make it difficult for some businesses and organizations, especially when it comes to determining what they should do with confidential and sensitive data. How can you get rid of your old equipment and the data you have collected without someone gaining access to it?

A hard drive destroyer is an effective way to get rid of the equipment you no longer want while still following compliance and data regulations. The year just started and you are attempting to determine your budget for the year, but you are probably thinking a hard drive destroyer or any other hard drive or data destruction equipment cannot fit in your budget.

Making an investment in a hard drive destroyer may seem like it is not an investment you can make, but using this type of equipment can certainly pay off immediately. When you get rid of your equipment and data the correct way, you will be doing your part in following compliance regulations, especially the General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR). The chances are high that you have heard of this regulation because this regulation means any data liability will be placed on your business. 

When you are preparing to get rid of the data that needs to be replaced, it is important to remember these regulations. If these regulations are not complied with and data is exposed, you can face a variety of consequences that can be detrimental to your business. When you use a hard drive destroyer and other destruction equipment, you will feel comfortable knowing you are complying with regulations. 

This new year provides you with an opportunity to make more new investments that can have a positive impact on your business. Are you ready to make the right investments when it comes to the destruction of your equipment? If you want to remove your equipment and data permanently, please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information on hard drive destroyers.

Media Destruction: How Will You Destroy Your Media?

At Phiston Technologies, we have heard numerous stories about businesses and organizations knowingly or unknowingly failing to properly destroy media, hard drives, and other storage devices. Some of the stories include businesses and organizations having to pay a significant amount of money in fines and other fees due to their failure to properly destroy the devices that contained significant data. Some businesses and organizations have also faced a variety of legal issues.

Unfortunately, many businesses and organizations are not aware of some of the best practices they should follow when it comes to media destruction or hard drive destruction. Reformatting a hard drive or another storage device may seem like the best thing to do when one wants to get rid of media and data, but this will not be enough. If you fail to enlist the services of professionals that specialize in media destruction and hard drive destruction, you may face consequences that could be difficult to come back from.

When a drive has been degaussed, it means the drive will be completed in a way that will not allow it to be reversed. During the degaussing process, you will not have to worry about the drive being damaged. The equipment that will be used will fully erase the media and data that is being held on the drive. If your business or organization wants to reuse their data storage devices for other uses, the degaussing process is generally used.

In addition to the degaussing process, the shredding process is also an effective and efficient process that can be used to destroy media and data storage devices. During this process, the hard drive will be shredded in multiple pieces. The destruction of the hard drives through this process will mean that the data storage device will be destroyed completely. 

It is important that you choose the right route when it comes to media and/or data destruction. We sell hard drive destruction equipment to companies who need to make sure there will be no mistakes or data leaks as they attempt to get rid of sensitive and confidential data. If you are looking for the best method to dispose of your hard drives and media, please do not hesitate to contact us today.