What is the best hard disk eraser?

You might see a lot of products available for fast and reliable data security.  The information you keep on your storage media is crucial not only to the security of your company but also your clients.  Hackers don’t always access your files via the internet, but often in very obvious, physical means.  They will stop at nothing and stoop incredibly low to dig up your information, including the scrap pile.

When companies want to protect their information, they are often putting their data security at risk.  Hard disk erasers are just one of the products available on the market that promise to wipe your physical media clean for either re-purposing or disposal.  The truth of the matter is once the information has been recorded on the physical media of a hard disk, no computer program can erase that data.  Partial information can be retrieved with the right software in the wrong hands.  Even devices that promise to de-magnetize your hard disks are not necessarily that effective.

The best hard disk eraser is a Phiston hard disk destroyer.  By rendering the hard drive into a pile of useless scrap, you are not only saving time wasted on an ineffective method of “wiping” the drive, but also not allowing your information to be recovered in any possible way.  Phiston hard disk destroyers are better than a hard disk eraser, because of the way the media is destroyed.  Through thousands of pounds of pressure, with carbide tipped points, the hard disk is not only pressed and compromised, but also punctured and mangled.  The entire unit goes into the device and comes out in a secured bin for recycling/disposal.  No pieces can be removed during the process and exchanged covertly, giving you no window of opportunity for data thieves to access the storage media platters themselves.  Also, the pieces are safely disposed of without risk to you or your employees.

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Protect Your Data Security With Solid State Data Destruction

Your cyber security is becoming increasingly more important in personal and business technology space. Many factors can jeopardize your cyber hygiene including: 

  • improperly disposing of your PC or other data devices
  • not hiring a reputable data destruction professional
  • not adequately discarding data from your devices 

These are only a few instances and the truth is, data thieves are after your sensitive business and personal information and devices. In fact, the recovery time from a cyber attack can cause massive downtime and cost your business millions of dollars along with public scrutiny. 

How Can Solid State Data Destruction Secure Your Data Security 

Your solid state devices cannot be degaussed like other devices including hard disk drives and other magnetic media. SSD data destruction must occur physically. No, it’s not enough to just throw out your device or have it recycled for obvious reasons. Proper destruction can greatly improved your chances of professional data protection. For example, Phiston Technologies offers a popular device called the MediaVise Compact device that permanently destroys your sensitive devices which stores your media. With over 40,000 tons of crushing force, you can ensure you device is rendered completely inoperable and permanently destroyed. Hackers won’t stand a chance at recovering your sensitive data. 

Who Is Phiston Technologies? 

As a small independently owned company, Phiston Technologies focuses on innovative solutions for your media destruction. Leading scientific research, development, engineering, and manufacturing are all features that are used to solve your need for business cyber security at Phiston Technologies.. Their team of experts understand that every business will have unique data destruction needs and decommissioning is also an option at Phiston. Discover a secure way to physically destroy your media devices with products that meet NSA specifications too.

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Data Security 101: Phiston Technologies Your Data Crushing Experts

When your business is dealing with sensitive information, you have an ethical responsibility to dispose of it in the proper manner according to the law. In fact, if you’re a personal smartphone user with data stored on your device, you’re probably adamant about disposing of your information in a manner that will protect your cyber security. Today, the technology professionals at Phiston Technologies offers state-of-the-art tools that crushes the data completely from your outdated PC components, tablet, smartphone, disk, or hard-drive. 

Why Customers Prefer Phiston Technologies Data Crushing Tools 

Phiston Technologies offers an innovative data crushing solution that’s also office-friendly. Our data crushing equipment provides the only solution you’ll ever need to disintegrate your sensitive information. For example, our MediaVise Compact SDD destroyer can render your smaller electronic devices inoperable.

As the latest arsenal in our remarkably powerful and compact digital media destroyer technology, the MediaVise Compact SSD strongly mimics the protection and dependability of our MediaVise Compact HDD Destroyer. The MVC-SSD allows you to permanently destroy:  

  • USB’s 
  • PDA’s 
  • circuit boards 
  • cell/smartphones 
  • miniaturized electronic devices 
  • data storage media 

Our technology is designed to satisfy our customers needs in cyber security. More importantly, each of our devices are proudly approved by the United States Department of Defense’s National Security Agency (NSA). 

Do I Really Need The MVC-SSD?

The MVC-SSD is the smallest, most advanced data crushing tool of its kind. With over 20 tons of crushing power, both sides of your data components are crushed in under 30 seconds. Local government agencies, schools, clinics, hospitals, and social media developers can benefit from our advanced data crushing technology. In fact, your storage media never has to leave your secure server room or facilities for destruction with the MVC-SSD. 

At Phiston Technologies, are reliable crushing technology is centered around the need to permanently destroy your sensitive data. You’re invited to contact us to discuss your cyber security business needs today. 

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Purchase NSA Approved Hard Disk Crushers for Your Business

Every day, companies are trying their best to prevent private information from getting into the hands of cybercriminals. If you have sensitive information on your hard disks, and you want to decommission the hard disks, what will you do? If you dispose of the disks in a dumpster, social security numbers and credit card numbers can be accessed by intruders. If you want to be totally safe, you have to crush your decommissioned disk using a Hard Disk Crusher.

At Phiston, we provide hands-free automated crushing systems like the MediaVise Compact, MediaDice, or the MediaVise. Our company is a leading R&D manufacturing company that is registered in Florida to provide innovative data security products. We have engineered hard disk crushers that are developed with NSA standards. Private companies and governments use our products to protect from their data from security breaches. Our clients range from fortune 500 companies, private companies, and small to mid-sized companies. We offer a wide array of products that destroy solid state drives, CDs, flash drives, DVDs, magnetic strip cards, Blu Ray discs, cell phones, PDAs and other small electronic gadgets.

The Uniqueness of Phiston Products

Our media destruction products are designed to be stored in-house. As a business, you can install the destroyers close to the point where old storage devices are decommissioned in a server rack. You will be able to manage your sensitive data, without risking media devices from being handed over to a third party for recycling or destruction.

Our devices are patented to outclass any competing high-security data destruction device in the market today. They are portable and compact for easy deployment, and they are also easy to operate for safe waste disposal and management.

If you want to add another layer of data security in your organization, contact us today. We will guide you with the right recommendation of products that will help you to safely dispose of your storage devices.

Satisfy Your Hard Disk Erasure Needs With The Help Of Phiston Technologies

Rest assured, how you get rid of your business hard disk is very important to your cyber security. In fact, disposing of your hard disk will also protect the privacy of your customers and must be done in accordance with applicable privacy laws under the Electronics Information Privacy Act (EIPA). Your personal and financial information leave a digital footprint online that’s protected by these laws. Businesses are required to dispose of outdated information and technology in a particular manner that guarantees consumer protection. If these laws are broken, there can be stiff penalties and fines for noncompliance or the disclosure of sensitive personal information. 

   Why Choose Phiston Technologies To Destroy Your Hard Disk?

At Phiston Technologieswe’re the innovators of data security. We understand that your business hosts a myriad of information on their hard drive and we focus on permanently erasing this information with a hard disk data eraser and destruction device such as the MediaVise Compact HDD Destroyer. When your business needs to properly dispose of sensitive information like banking information, email addresses, passwords, physical addresses, passwords, and more. You can count on Phiston technology tools to dispose of your hard disk. Data thieves are always creating new ways to recover your sensitive information from discarded or recycled business equipment like PC’s, CD’s, and hard disks. 

  What’s The MediaVise Compact HDD Destroyer? 

The MVC-HDD completely crushes and destroys every inch of your HDD, rendering all data surfaces destroyed. Delivering 20 tons of destruction force, your business can be confident that your HDD’s magnetic data storage platters, controller, and read heads are mangled and unable to ever be retrieved by cyber bullies. The MVC-HDD is perfect for space-limited offices and server rooms. Destroy your hard disk with technologically advanced cyber security equipment from Phiston Technologies with no additional adapters needed. 

When your cyber security is important, you’re invited to contact us at Phiston Technologies to discuss your options today!

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