Hard Drive Destruction: Leave No Trace

If you intend to sell a hard drive or dispose of it due to its’ nonfunctional status then all you need to do is format the drive or restore it to factory settings, right? Wrong! Formatting a drive will not get rid of everything and can leave behind quite a bit of vital data. Say you merely format a drive before throwing it in the trash at your local dump. By doing this, you are leaving quite a lot of unsecured data on that drive. This has the potential to compromise your personal and financial information or, if the drive was used for business or financial purposes, that of your employees or clients.

These potential problems are the very reason why hard drives need to be COMPLETELY disposed of in a physical sense and not merely wiped of data. Not only can choosing to just wipe the data by formatting your drive leave significant financial information behind, it can also leave residual information such as your web browsing history and even something as sensitive as your social security number and all of your passwords. While the average user would likely be held at bay by formatting a drive and hitting it a few times with a hammer, an especially determined information thief or hacker could, given enough time, recover your information from the drive.

Since wiping the data doesn’t actually dispose of it all, a more extreme approach is needed here. That is where we come in. Here at Phiston Technologies, we can help you ensure your data is properly disposed of by completely erasing all the data from it and ensuring that the drive’s destruction is complete enough that no hacker would be able to gain access to its’ stored information in the first place.

We can recommend the proper drive destruction equipment to you based on your particular needs. Contact Us for more information on our equipment and to get a quote for the destruction of your drive(s). Don’t wait! Act now to ensure the safe and secure disposal of your hard drives.

Hands-Free Hard Drive Destruction for Any Business

Hard drives are banks filled with sensitive data that pertain to your business. To keep your data out of the hands (and machines) of others, a reliable method of destroying the hard drive is more than necessary. 

Phiston Technologies offers hard drive destroying solutions that makes data security, easy, portable, and entirely hands-free. Our in-house teams specialize in a variety of systems that comply with federal regulations that will bring the ultimate security solutions to your company, regardless of the business or contents of the hard drive.

Don’t take the risk of being a hacker’s next target. We have invested our own research and development into ensuring any sensitive data can and will be rendered unreadable through our quick and easy technologies, so you have a friend in today’s hustling data world. 

Responsible Data Security in a Data-Driven World

2020 is, in many ways, the peak of data-driven society. Every workplace in operation today works with data that can be considered sensitive, whether that be from cyber attack, mishandling, or irresponsible disposal. However, 2020 is also the year where companies can invest in smart technologies that can automatically dispose of sensitive data in minutes—even seconds. 

Throwing out data conventionally is not an option. There are too many ways the data can be recovered, making simple drop-and-go disposal a dangerous game. It’s time to stop playing unnecessary games with your data and start disposing it permanently, with no question as to where your data is going. 

MediaVise: The Last Name in Data Security

Our flagship hard drive destroyer, the MediaVise, is a compact way to quickly erase any hard drive in your possession that may hold sensitive data. Standing at 25″ tall and 12″ wide, the MediaVise is capable of destroying other data-holding items such as SSDs, USB drives, PDAs, and circuits boards. It can even destroy entire smart phones holding an array of sensitive data that could, potentially, find its way in the hands of someone else. Simply feed the device into the MediaVise and watch as it is rendered completely unsalvageable by even the most advanced extraction methods.

The MediaVise comes with the following features to ensure any storage device that needs erasing can be quickly and easily destroyed with no effort from the user:

  • 40,000 pounds of force applied directly to vulnerable areas of the drive
  • A destruction time of under one minute
  • “Hands off” design 
  • Debris collection bin
  • No cleaning necessary

Our Catalog of Data Destroyers

Whether your business chooses to utilize the MediaVise, MediaVise Rackmount, or the MediaDice SSD disintegrator, Phiston ensures your data will never be recovered again. Simply drop and go, no cleaning or prior maintenance involved. 

Step up your company’s data security. If you are currently looking for a data security solution that will protect your sensitive data from the scavengers of today’s working world, contact us today to see how we may help you realize your dream of security. We pride ourselves in helping companies take the next and final step to safe locking their data, and have helped multitudes of different companies achieve just that. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact, and we at Phiston Technologies look forward to hearing from you!

Protect Your Business With Hard Drive Destruction Services

Government agencies, medical offices, small businesses, and large corporations all have some aspects in common when it comes to the way they operate their business. One of the main things they have in common is the way they create data, save it, and circulate it. Although hard copies of documents are not a complete thing of the past, the use of electronic documents and data continues to increase significantly. 

As technology continues to grow, how will the use of electronic documents impact your business? When you think about all the electronic data that is being created, stored, and shared, it is essential that you remember to safely store the information on your hard drives so it can be protected at all times. This importance increases over time, especially when the information no longer applies to your business.

Deleting files or tossing documents in the trash does not offer you the level of protection you need within and outside of your workplace. Hard drive destruction equipment can provide you with the level of protection you need because it will give you the peace of mind you have been searching for when it comes to data protection.

There are countless data breaches on a yearly basis, and this can result in hundreds of millions of records being exposed. The only form of data removal that many businesses of all sizes trust is professional hard drive destruction. When you use this method to remove data, all of your files will be eliminated for good. 

With professional hard drive destruction solutions, more than hard drives can be destroyed. Electronic devices and other equipment that was used regularly in the office can also be destroyed. If electronic devices are used often in the workplace and the time comes to eliminate data, these devices should also be destroyed to reduce the risks of data breaches and leaks.

We understand how stressful and confusing it can be when the time comes for you to remove information. However, it is important to remove data the right way so your company, your employees, customers, etc. will be protected. Contact us today to discuss our hard drive destruction services.

The Importance of Media Destruction and the Fallacy of Soft Deletion

Modern file systems and storage hardware are excellent at storing data. All of them excel at grabbing and holding sensitive files, as they have been designed to do. Their ability to keep information secure for longer is constantly improving. However, in the time spanning from punch cards to SSDs, very little has improved in their ability to remove data.

The “Delete” feature in operating systems has never really been as advertised. When data is coded on a hard drive, a link is created to a filename which represents that data in the interface. Pressing “Delete” in Windows or Mac systems has the immediate benefit of destroying that link. It does NOT impact the data on the drive.

There are some applications that make bold claims about their data destruction ability. These programs are designed to overwrite media at random. The process takes a set of garbled data and layers it over the top of existing user data, a bit like taking a pen and writing over a written sentence. When this process is finished, imprints of the original files remain. The problem is that scores of freely available applications are dedicated to recovering these imprints, which render software data destruction options ineffective.

However, there is one method of data destruction that is always effective: physical destruction of the media. Once the platters of a hard drive or the silicon of an SSD are mutilated, all existing data becomes unrecoverable. It is well-known that even advanced digital forensic techniques fail to read disks that are crushed or shredded, even in part. As great as modern storage mechanisms are, internal parts just have not been designed to perform after mechanical damage.

Putting a piece of paper into a crosscut shredder offers a sense of finality and visible evidence that documents are destroyed quickly and effectively. Destruction of electronically stored data can be equally simple and complete — with the right equipment.

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Manage the Data Life Cycle With a Hard Drive Crusher

An on-site hard drive crusher can allow businesses to effectively dispose of their own computer drives without involving outside parties. This keeps the cycle of drive use and disposal predictable and safe.

Purchase of hard drive crushers is easy through a supplier like Phiston, which develops units that are lightweight and small enough to fit inside almost any office. Moreover, the price point of their products lets any company serious about information security take the electronics life cycle into their own secure grasp.

Sensitive Data Throughout Your Organization

Keep in mind the multitude of devices that access sensitive data at your organization. On-site servers store customer data; personal laptops and desktop workstations can access that data both inside and outside the office.

When a laptop’s power supply burns out or a server no longer boots, the device should be replaced since it will be unusable. However it shouldn’t be thrown in the trash or recycled with its hard drive(s) intact.

Those drives, even if they appear unusable, will still contain readable data that hackers could easily obtain. This is a security risk a hard drive crusher can help mitigate.

Purchase Your Own Hard Drive Crusher

Midsize businesses and enterprises may dispose of hundreds of hard drives every year.

They can be certain their drives are properly destroyed by using a Phiston crusher. It takes only 30 seconds for a hard drive crusher to pulverize a drive into debris. Then that debris can easily be disposed of at the necessary locations.

All data that was once on those drives will be irrecoverable. The business will have eliminated a source of security breach by handling destruction of their own materials.

Company data is invaluable and must be protected. In the wrong hands, it can tarnish the reputation of an organization or affect the livelihood of customers worldwide. Businesses do themselves and their customers a great service by protecting their digital information through proper drive disposal.

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