About Phiston Technologies

Phiston Technologies, Inc. is a leading scientific research, development, engineering and manufacturing company, registered in the State of Florida. We are a minority-owned small business, Dun & Bradstreet Registered, and verified by the US Federal Government’s System for Award Management (SAM) and GSA holder (PHISTON TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Contract#: GS-35F-356GA).

High security data storage media destruction is our principal focus area. Our in-house teams of R&D and Design Engineers have produced an array of innovate technologies for destroying data storage media including magnetic computer hard disk drives (HDDs), solid state storage devices (SSDs), flash drives , CDs, DVDs, BluRay discs, magnetic strip cards, PDAs, cell phones and other miniaturized electronic data storage media

Our company is an innovator in data security, introducing unique and patented data destruction products such as the MediaVise®, the MediaVise® Compact, and the MediaDice®. These products were engineered in response to the rapid growth of information technology and the inherent rise of data breaches. The U.S. Department of Defense’s National Security Agency (NSA) developed standards that government and private entities alike must follow to protect sensitive information from data security breaches. To address this crisis, Phiston designed high security data destruction products to meet the NSA standards, along with innovative features that highest industry standards for worker, workplace and environmental health and safety into its products.

A New Paradigm in Media Destruction

Phiston dominates the niche information security market for media destroyers that:

✔are powerful and rugged, yet portable and simple to operate;
✔are designed to meet industry standards for media destruction and/or media sanitization;
✔meet stringent regulatory standards for worker health and safety, workplace air quality, and waste containment and disposal;
✔will not contaminate or adversely impact the pristine operating environment of computer data centers and other clean rooms.

The Phiston Difference

On-site, at-source Media Destruction: By designing and building these performance and safety characteristics into our products, Phiston has pioneered the advent of safe, effective in-house, high security media and data destroyers.

Data managers can now install our destroyers as close as possible to the point at which old data storage media are taken out of service, such as in a server rack in a data center. On site destruction empowers businesses to maintain full life cycle stewardship over their sensitive data and storage media. More importantly, in house destruction eliminates the risk of handing the media over to a third-party contractor for destruction and recycling, or indefinitely stockpiling them on site for later disposal. Quite often, recycled media are surreptitiously repurposed and sold on line with sensitive data still intact.

Our Elite Clientele

Phiston’s products have garnered a growing list of prestigious public and private sector corporations and institutions in 30 countries worldwide. We continue to meet the high security media destruction challenges of some of the largest companies in the world (including several Fortune 500 companies), in diverse industries including homeland security, military, aerospace, law enforcement, finance, education, transportation, social media, aviation, legal, medical and retail.

The Phiston Edge

Phiston distinguishes itself in the high security data destruction market with its patented MediaVise® crushers and MediaDice® disintegrators that are designed and engineered to surpass any competing technologies on the market today, in 5 key performance areas:

1. Media destruction to regulatory standards
2. Attentiveness to workplace and operator health and safety
3. Compactness and portability of machines and ease of deployment
4. Simplicity and ease of operation
5. Safe waste containment and disposal

Phiston’s ability to deliver visionary, market-powered solutions, has allowed us to establish a reputation of innovation both nationally and internationally, and grow our customer base. As we continue to develop unique technologies in these fields, Phiston promises to constantly deliver outstanding service and quality products.