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What’s better than a hard disk eraser?

Each year, millions of computers are retired.  Sometimes their components, such as memory cards, power supplies, and other bits and pieces like fans and cases are recycled by intrepid IT workers.  But a lot of the time, the units are disposed of whole, making their ways into some of the least secure environments on the […]

Hard Drive Degaussing (Erasing) Versus Destruction

ITAMs or IT Asset Managers bear a great responsibility—planning for the proper disposal of any devices that contain or may contain sensitive or protected information. For many years, simply erasing hard drives and deleting files was considered to be sufficient, which is why companies like SpaceX trust our processes. More recently, however, data leaks have […]

The Unique Advantages Of A Hard Drive Crusher

The proper disposal of a hard drive may not seem like a crucial task but companies that do not rely on professionals are placing themselves at serious risk. A hard drive crusher offers all sorts of unique advantages that a business may not always consider. Let’s take a closer look at how Phiston Technologies can […]

This is not a movie! Use a hard disk crusher to protect your information!

In the movies you might see the secret agent or the terrorist breaking into a secured server room and using a high-powered electro magnet to wipe all the records clean in one fell swoop.  Or better yet, the systems admin who can punch in a few commands and erase the entire network, casting all of […]

4 Attributes to Look For in a Hard Drive Destroyer

1. Quietness: In day-to-day operations, businesses want their machine to be as quiet as possible when in use; even if the destroyer is in a dedicated space or in the basement, the last thing they want is everyone in the building to know the destroyer is at work. Phiston Technologies understands this need and has […]