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3 Ways Professional Hard Drive Destruction Benefits Your Business

f you are a business owner with sensitive records and information on your old hard drives, the likelihood that you need to invest in professional hard drive destruction is very high. Using professional services to destroy hard drives isn’t just beneficial to your business, it’s a vital necessity. In this post, we’ll reveal the top […]

A hard drive crusher good enough for the NSA

Information is a valuable commodity when it comes to just about any aspect of our lives.  The current era is often called the “Information Age,” a term which not only reflects the use of data but also our dependence on it.  From personal information such as Social Security numbers, bank account information, or any variety […]

A True Hard Drive Destroyer

When it’s time to get rid of obsolete data, it is imperative that sensitive information be truly destroyed. Identity thieves, corporate spies, and other bad elements often seek discarded data in order to carry out their plans. In some cases, they will even be able to recover data from the platters of dismantled hard drives. […]

Do You Need Complete Data Security? Use a Hard Drive Crusher

Many companies have taken strong steps to improve their data security. Sites run with secure certificates (SSL capabilities), paper-based information is kept in locked cabinets, and computers have strong passwords protecting sensitive information. These are all good steps, and if your company has taken them, it has done much to protect the information it has […]

Hard Disk Erasers vs Crushing: Go All the Way

When it comes to hard drives, you might think that data security is as simple as reformatting the drive, While this sort of data deletion may make the information inaccessible by casual means, it’s not the complete and total erasure that you might think; people who are determined may still be able to access data […]