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Hard Drive Degaussing (Erasing) Versus Destruction

ITAMs or IT Asset Managers bear a great responsibility—planning for the proper disposal of any devices that contain or may contain sensitive or protected information. For many years, simply erasing hard drives and deleting files was considered to be sufficient, which is why companies like SpaceX trust our processes. More recently, however, data leaks have […]

Invest in security with a hard disk crusher

Computers have come a long way since the mid-20th century, when data tapes recorded miles worth of information on reels of magnetic tape.  The inception of the hard disk meant that immense amounts of data could be recorded on a very durable and reusable media, the metal hard disk, where it could be kept indefinitely […]

Phiston Technologies’ New MediaVise® High Thru-Put

Phiston Technologies’ new MediaVise® High Thru-Put Solid State Drive Destroyer will provide faster and quieter destruction of sensitive Solid State Drives. This new device can destroy large volumes of sensitive Solid State Drives, including CDs, USBs, CPI cards, Memory Modules, credit cards, and cell phones on-site. This new technology is user-friendly, operational hands-free, and can store up […]